Testing Laboratory

Key Features

3m x 3m Vertical wall type furnace

3m x 3m x 2m Cubical furnace

3m x 2m x 2m Ageing Oven

2m x 2m x 2m Pit for Water Immersion Test

Vibration Testing Equipment

LPG Gas fuel for clean and efficient fire

Programmable time-temperature controllers

Auto fuel control and fuel-to-air ratio control

Multi-channel data logging scanner systems


Testing Standards



UL 1479

UL 10A, 10B, 10C

IS 12458, IS 3614 Part 2, IS 3809

BS 476 Parts 20 & 22

UL 555

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The Lab

Signum has a state of the art Testing Laboratory constructed as per National and International Standards to test the entire range of Passive Fire Protection systems, including Fire Doors, Fire Rated Door Hardware/ Iron Mongery, Sliding Doors, Rolling Shutters, Fire barriers, Fire Retardant Coatings, glass partitions, dampers or similar systems. The specimen is installed in appropriate framework and is placed on the open side of the fire testing furnace.

The Vertical wall type furnace is used to test partitions, hinged/sliding/rolling doors, dampers and similar specimens while the Cubical furnace is used for horizontal or vertical arrangements of specimens such as fire barriers in wall openings or floor openings, hatch doors, structural steel coatings and similar systems

The temperature in the furnace is controlled by completely automatic systems to accurately follow the given time-temperature curve as per various standards.

Both furnaces are controlled using state of the art programmable time-temperature controllers as well as auto fuel control and fuel-to-air ratio control to follow set program. Instruments include multi-channel data logging scanner systems with synchronization of controllers of all zones in the furnace for uniformity.

Independent Third Party Certification

We have a tie-up with an independent third party witnessing agency Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), which is a society under Central Government of India, Ministry of Power whose Thermal Research Center is authorized to conduct such tests. CPRI has a globally accepted certification service with over 45 years of expertise in this field and is NABL accredited, BIS approved as well as ISO certified.

We offer completely independent testing, with witnesses as per choice – architects, end-clients, QA/QC representatives of Government agencies etc. All tests are third party witnessed by the authorized representative from CPRI, under whose guidance the test is conducted. The Fire Testing Laboratory is operated independantly of the SIGNUM manufacturing business, but shares the same premises. We actively conduct tests for all other manufacturers of passive fire protection products including doors, door hardware/ iron mongery, glazing and dampers.


A complete Test Report consists of all of the following

  1. Testing Standards Referred
  2. Passing Criterion as per testing standards
  3. Real-time furnace time-temperature table
  4. Time-temperature table for unexposed side of specimen
  5. Detailed drawing of specimen placement, placement of burners and thermocouples in and around the furnace
  6. Callibration certificates for all thermocouples used in the test from NABL certified third-party labs
  7. Callibration cerficates for all temperature loggers/ scanners used in the test from NABL certified third-party labs
All test reports are certified by CPRI.

For more information on testing your products at Signum Fire Testing Laboratory, please contact our technical team by clicking here.