Signum provides long term support for all its products including single-visit repairs, one-time maintenance services, annual maintenance services etc.Upon receipt of a maintenance order from customers, we depute our technicians to conduct a survey and document all maintenance activities to be performed, including but not limited to ensuring correct functioning of door/ shutter and  opening/ closing, re-alignment, correct functioning of all door/ shutter accessories, replacement of door accessories, replacement of missing accessory components, etc. Once the survey is completed, the customer is provided with a list of services and any accessories, if required.Signum provides its customers the choice to procure items required for maintenance directly own its own, or through Signum. Our site personnel can co-ordinate placement of orders on the customers’ behalf to Signum, assisting with any technical clarifications and even recommending accessories of conforming quality from various other suppliers, to improve upon existing conditions.We have existing man-power in all major cities of the country, including all metro regions (Tier-I cities), several Tier-II cities, and at our centrally located headquarters in Nagpur, who can respond to customer calls in minimum time anywhere in the country, and fulfill service needs.Please contact our After Sales/ Customer Service Department for further information.