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Preventing valuable assets from going up in flames has been the mission of SIGNUM since 1992. With cutting edge technology, our strong industrial background and the confidence shown by our esteemed customers, SIGNUM has established itself as the leader in Passive Fire Protection in the Indian sub-continent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Passive Fire Protection?

Systems that compartmentalize the structure into smaller sections, to slow down and prevent the spreading of fire and smoke from one area to another. They include Fire Doors, Fire Resistance Walls, Firestop Mortar barrier systems, Fire Coatings for cables, wood, Fire dampers and Fire Resistant Glass.

Passive vs. Active Fire Protection?

Active Fire Protection – takes action to put the fire out e.g. sprinklers, extinguishers etc.

Passive Fire Protection – systems that compartmentalize the spread of fire and prevent spread of fire and smoke

I already have fire sprinklers installed. Why do I need passive fire protection?

Active fire protection systems such as sprinklers may not always function as expected and could fail due to weather conditions, lack of maintenance etc.

Passive Fire Protection systems help contain the fire reducing the spreading and increasing the time for occupants to escape

Can a fire door be made out of timber?

Yes. SIGNUM has developed Fire Rated Doors constructed out of timber with special resistant infill materials to last upto 120 minutes.